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Craigavon - Lurgan Hospital

The Pilot Ward 1 is deployed within one ward of Lurgan Hospital, located in Craigavon, Co. Armagh. It is the consultant-led assessment unit within the Southern Health & Social Care Trust providing non-acute inpatient care. The hospital specialises in providing inpatient rehabilitation for people recovering from cardiovascular incidents, surgery or other general medical episodes. The main block at the hospital consists of 3 separate medical wards, but the EDISON project involves all of Ward 1 of the hospital, comprising 50 rooms and involving approximately 80 luminaries.

By installing the EDISON pilot throughout one entire ward means that a variety of building spaces are assessed.

The areas selected on each floor include:

  • Multi-bed ward areas
  • Single occupancy bedrooms
  • Corridor areas
  • Bathroom & Shower areas
  • Single occupancy offices
  • Administration areas

The total floor area of the ward area encompassing the spaces detailed above is 480 m2.

The lighting within the ward is a combination of linear fluorescent and compact fluorescent luminaries with an approximate connected electrical load of 6.000W.
Digital meters are installed allowing the electrical consumption for each ward area to be independently monitored, and because each ward area on the 3 floors of the hospital are approximately identical. The EDISON project will use Ward 2 as a control floor to allow the energy consumption before and after the project to be compared.

Ward 1 provides accommodation for 16 patients in permanent beds. It is used as a rehabilitation ward for patients recovering from strokes or other cerebrovascular accidents. It is staffed by approximately 20 full time staff, and is accessed throughout the day by approximately 50 central hospital staff. When the public visitors to the ward are considered, the total number of people in the ward at some stage during any given day exceeds 150 people. 



Summary of Pilot features
Pilot Location Lurgan
Country United Kingdom
Building typology


Building involved 1
Rooms involved 50
Surface (m2) 480
Lighting points involved 82

User attending the Pilot areas (annual estime)

Presence of PV Y/N N
Annual energy consumption (€) 5.000
Annual electricity consumption (MWatt)  44
Annual CO2 emission (Kg)
Relative energy cost saving using actual local energy price (€) 3.000