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Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza - Naples

Fondazione IDIS-Città della Scienza is a complex system that includes a Science Centre, a Business Innovation Centre, with an Incubator for new enterprises, an Innovation and Training Centre and a Meeting and Congresses Centre. Città della Scienza is located in the city of Naples (Italy), in the western part of the metropolitan territory which is named Bagnoli. Its activities in the last twenty years were focused on the dissemination of scientific culture by promoting socioeconomic development.

As well known, on Monday March 4, 2013, was completely destroyed by a fire including the planned pilot area (an indoor area of the Science Centre).

The new EDISON pilot is the entire Marie Curie Hall Building. This site is used as one of the exhibition room of the Science Centre till the reconstruction of the new Museum. The exhibits area has one floor (ground floor) for about 336 sqm, with 31m length, 11m width and a height of 5,57m.





Summary of Pilot features
Pilot Location Naples
Country Italy
Building typology

Science Centre

Buildings involved 1 (Marie Curie Hall)
Rooms involved 4
Surface (m2) 336
Lighting points involved 50

User attending the Pilot areas (annual estime)

Presence of PV Y/N                 N 
Annual energy consumption (€) -
Annual electricity consumption (MWatt)  -
Annual CO2 emission (Kg)
Relative energy cost saving using actual local energy price (€) -