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The Pilot involves three public buildings: the first one dedicated to the main Municipality offices, the second one is dedicated to the Primary and Secondary school, and the last one seat of Kindergarten.

The Municipality building has two floors with a surface of about 1200 m2, with 15 rooms using approximately 20 luminaries.
The Kindergarten has a single floor with a surface of about 300 m2, including 8 rooms with about 40 luminaries.
The school building has three floors with a surface of about 1750 m2 including a gym area, with 36 rooms, using approximately 110 luminaries (30 for the gym area).
In total, there are about 170 indoor lamps and 21 outdoor lamps.
The annual number of users attending the Pilot areas are estimated in about 37.000 units (students, teachers and other visitors), with an energy consumption of the overall complex of buildings estimated in about 45 MWh per year.
On the roof of the school building is installed a first generation PV system, with a surface of 40 m2 and an energy production of 6 KWh.
The Pilot includes about 3CPC, 40 RS and a number and typology of sensors that depends on the results of the pilot feasibility study.




Summary of Pilot features
Pilot Location Roccamontepiano
Country Italy
Building typology

 Municipal Offices, Public Schools and Kindergarten

Buildings involved 3
Rooms involved 75
Surface (m2) 3.250
Lighting points involved 227

User attending the Pilot areas (annual estime)

Presence of PV Y/N Y
Annual energy consumption (€) 7.000
Annual electricity consumption (MWatt)  45
Annual CO2 emission (Kg)
Relative energy cost saving using actual local energy price (€) 4.200