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The Brussels Pilot involves two areas of the campus of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB): the student restaurant and the Engineering dean’s office and student welcome centre.
The student restaurant area consists of two patios plus the surrounding space (360 m² in total). Today, the restaurant counts approximately 120 lighting points, mainly neon tubes and incandescent/fluorescent lamps, which are installed at different heights. The implementation of the EDISON will retrofit the restaurant’s lights with LEDs.

The number of users attending the restaurant is higher than 2000 per week, including students, teachers and
other VUB personnel, visitors, conference and workshop participants etc…
A large amount of energy can be saved by the addition of presence sensors, as the entire lighting infrastructure is active several hours only for the cleaning personnel. Light sensors will be installed on places where sufficient natural light is present in order to further reduce energy usage.
The second pilot is implemented in the engineering deans office and student welcome centre in building K on the 2nd floor and consists of the dean’s office including a meeting room, the secretariat, the student welcome
centre and a break room.
The total area of all the zones adds up to 165m2. The pilot is implemented with the renovation of the building; there is no retrofitting.
After the refurbishment and the implementation of the EDISON solution, the pilot will require 36 600x600mm  LED panels, distributed over 4 sections.
Each section will contain a presence sensor and additionally a light sensor if suitable.
The dean’s office and meeting room have additional push button controls in order to dim the lighting level for presentations.
Today, the overall energy consumption of the two areas of the Brussels Pilot is estimated in about 8200kW per year.