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EDISON Project Public deliverables
EDISON training Activities description document (D6.2.1)
Overview of guideline instructions and web-based multimedia tutorials developed to support the cross-fertilization of both professionals and non-technical managers having an interest in the EDISON project.
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Workshops & exhibition events (D6.1.3)
mary of the dissemination activities carried out in the context of the EDISON project, with specific focus on workshops and other relevant exhibition events that have been held in some of the countries.
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EDISON Architecture assessment (D5.2.2)
Overview of the main improvements to the basic version of the EDISON platform introduced during the system implementation in the Pilot actions.
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Standardization Activity Report (D2.3.1)
Overview of the results of relationships established with other EU projects operating in the field of energy saving and with international standardization bodies and working groups.
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Exploitation Plan (D6.1.4)
Analyzes specific aspects like: the market context in which the EDISON exploitation strategy should be rolled out, examples of ROI calculation as well as typical business plan.
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Analysis of socio-economic aspects (D5.1.1)
Assessment of both energy saving results obtained in the Pilot actions and of potential success factors of the EDISON platform resulting from feedbacks gathered through end user questionnaires.
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Running of the Pilots and Results (D4.4.1)
of the guidelines followed to store the data collected in field, including the presentation of a first analysis of the EDISON energy performance achieved in each Pilot action.
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Interoperability description (D5.2.1)
Description of the hardware/software interoperability features of the EDISON platform.
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EDISON hardware & software implementation and integration (D4.1.2)
Description of the design solution implemented in each Pilot action, including detailed information about software/hardware components installed in the corresponding site.
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Analysis of Best Practices (D2.2.1)
Description of the methodology identified to measure and assess energy savings before and after the implementation of the EDISON solution.
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