Edison - Bringing the past into the future
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How many are the Pilot sites?
The EDISON project involves seven Pilot Actions in three different countries: Italy, Belgium and UK.
What kind of user categories could be considered as target user for the EDISON idea?
EDISON’s target users are primarily: small-medium municipalities, museums, university departments, schools, public offices, shopping malls, etc., and secondly: building managers, real estate companies, etc..
How will be long the running period of the system to assess the results of the EDISON solution in the Pilots sites?
The running period scheduled for assessing the potential results obtainable from the EDISON solution is one year.
Is it possible to adopt the EDISON solution right now?
Yes. It is possible to implement the EDISON solution simply making a specific request to the technical director of the project. In this case, the EDISON partners, during the period of the project, are available to provide help in the design activity at no additional cost.
What is the investment requested to a subject who is interested in the adoption of the EDISON solution?
The investment should include the purchase of LED lamps and ICT components as well as installation costs. The proposed ICT components represent just a marginal cost.