Edison - Bringing the past into the future
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What kind of features should have a test site to be considered as a Pilot?
It should be a European public building whose manager intends to reduce the corresponding energy consumption without significant reconstruction works or investment in new infrastructures. EDISON, in essence, represents an opportunity to match the constraints of public administrations (because of their restricted budgets) with private investors interested in entering the remunerative energy saving business.
Is this solution reserved only to new constructions or it can be implemented also for buildings retrofitting?
The EDISON idea can be implemented in all the situations: both new constructions and retrofitting ones.
What kind of hardware will be installed in the Pilot site?
Smart metering (when necessary), sensors, AC/DC converters, simple electronics (apart LED lamps).
Is this solution reserved to indoor areas exclusively or it can be adopted also for the illumination of outdoor spaces?
The idea could be applied in the outdoor illumination network as well. Specific components should be considered.