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This section aims to highlight the developments of different stages in the progress lifetime for each pilot, with respect to the planned system performance, monitoring energy efficiency and environmental indicators before (calculated through an energy audit) and after (with “metered” data) Pilots implementation.

A monthly based analysis, in terms of energy consumption, will be carried out through the evaluation of specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which help in defining and measuring progress toward the set goals and enable actual results achieved over time to be compared with planned results.

In the following, the selected KPIs have been collected in two main groups.

Energy efficiency Indicators: (time, space and number of users based analysis)

  • W/sqm
  • W/m (outdoor lighting)
  • kWh/luminaire/month
  • kWh/luminaire/year
  • kWh/sqm/month
  • kWh/sqm/year
  • kWh/m (outdoor lighting)
  • kWh/person/year
  • kWh/person/month

Environmental Indicators: (CO2 emissions and avoided CO2 emissions)

  • CO2 emissions/m2
  • Avoided CO2 emissions/m2