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Fondazione Ugo Bordoni - Italy

The Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) is a no-profit private organisation subject to the supervision of  Ministry of Communications. FUB performs and supports scientific and applied research in the fields of communications, computer science, electronics and multimedia, in order to promote scientific progress and technological innovation.


Main role in the project

Co-ordinator of the EDISON project, FUB will contribute to the ICT components definition and configuration. It will survey the integration and running, and will provide all the support for the effective application of the methodology supplied by the EC. 

SIELTE Romania SA - Romania

Sielte Romania SA is a company specialized in telecommunication networks and has been working on this field for long time on behalf of major clients and for the most important operators of electric utility, water and Industry rail. Sielte SA is able to offer the complete execution of projects "turn key" starting from the study, design and implementation, up to the commissioning and maintenance of:

  • traditional networks in cable, fiber optic and P.R.
  • systems and broadband networks
  • intelligent Networks
  • mobile networks
  • rail TLC networks
  • fixed and mobile transport and access networks
  • conventional energy systems, photovoltaic and wind based
  • Safety and control systems
  • LAN-Wan networks,
  • traffic monitoring systems


Main role in the project

Leading the implementation of Pilots on the basis of prototype experience. Consultant position for electrical distribution networks, modification and customization. Expertise in PV systems installation and running. Smart metering system configuration. Main reference for luminaries adaptations and electrical switches integration with the existing platform.

TSItalia - Italy

Founded in July 2000, TSItalia s.r.l. was born by professionals with a common experience in the energy, telecommunications and information technologies.
Despite its relatively short history, TSItalia S.r.l. has already many gained a large experiences in designing and engineering of telecommunication networks, based on systems using cutting edge radio and cable technologies. TSItalia S.r.l. is a WISP operator and realized wireless access networks.
TSItalia S.r.l. acquired knowledge and developed projects in the energy efficiency field, with particular reference to lighting (SSL) and power systems based on renewable energies such as solar, geothermal and heolic.


Main role in the project

Thanks to its electronics circuit expertise and to the knowledge of the LED lamps market (TSI is national retailer of very efficient SSLs and LED embedded fixtures/panels), it will provide the CPC, RS, lighting dimmers, powerline modems, supervision center hardware, by customizing components available off-the shelf in accord with EDISON platform and Pilot requirement. Furthermore, TSI will supply the Italian Municipalities with the LED lamps/panels, as requested, at retailer cost.

BK Telematics Ltd - Greece

BK Telematics Ltd is a company which design, analyzes, and finally develop Telematic products software and hardware. We are expertise in Greece in the area of Fleet Management Systems and in the area of Green Energy Solutions. For example we are the integrators of our GPS-GPRS mobile unit and we have already finished with the interconnection of CAN-BUS (FMS) of heavy and small cars.
Also we have develop and installed a Bus System with Smart Stations that informs every citizen in a Municipality in Athens. The power to allow the smart stations to work, is supplied by solar energy and for this reason they are “total green Smart Station”. Our source code for software was already tested by “Veritas” in order to become certified partners with Microsoft.


Main role in the project

The main role of BKT is firstly to characterize and customize open-source standard-based software to build a general use case platform, fitting SEP requirements.
Secondly to transpose each pilot peculiarities and constraints in platform requirements and implement them in the platform above specific software tools will be customized by BKT to address smart metering requirements compliant with CIP-PSP common methodologies.

Vrij Universiteit of Brussel - (VUB) - Belgium

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) delivers research driven education, at an international level, with the primary objective of providing students with an academic education in the domains of human sciences, life sciences, and science and technology. VUB will participate in the project through the department of Electronics and Informatics (ETRO). The ETRO department consists of 93 collaborators, including 8 full time professors, 7 part-time professors, 19 post-doctoral research fellows, 38 doctoral students, 12 development engineers. Four research groups, the Laboratory for Micro- & Optoelectronics (LAMI), the Image Processing and Machine Vision Group (IRIS), the Laboratory for Digital Speech and Audio Processing (DSSP) collaborate within ETRO. Jointly, the activities of the research groups cover a wide range of generic technologies in the field of Information and Communication Technology. ETRO-IRIS co-founded the Interdisciplinary Institute for Broadband Technology (IBBT) in 2004 and is participating in the design of complex, distributed and interactive ICT systems. The IBBT team offers companies and organizations active support in research and development.


Main role in the project

Provision of host site for EDISON pilot. The ICT expertise will be made available to help the partners in defining the SEP platform management tools, in the data collection process, and in particular in the smart metering activity.

Fondazione IDIS – Città della Scienza - Italy

IDIS operates since 1987 and plays a leading role in the dissemination of scientific knowledge and technological innovation. Its science centre, inaugurated in 2001, is well-known for the quality and innovation of its activities. It received international awards: 2005 Micheletti Prize for the best scientific museum of the EMYA and the 2006 Descartes Prize for Science Communication.
The BIC of Città della Scienza offers advanced services to companies specialized in sectors considered strategic for the regional territory: ICT, Environment, Aeronautics and Aerospace. The BIC also manages a specific Technology Incubator.
IDIS leads and participates in FP7 projects. It coordinates Tome for Nano in partnership with 12 organisations to engage young people with nanotechnology with the support of artists.


Main role in the project

Project supervisor for deployment of EDISON Idis pilot. Man effort to define and to manage a competitive call for tender for lamps purchase. Main role in dissemination and exploitation of results activities.

Municipality of Lettomanoppello - Italy

The municipality of Lettoanoppello is a town in the Province of Pescara in the Abruzzo Region of the central part of Italy (Lat. 42°14′0″, Long 14°2′0″). The land-town extension is about 15 km2 with a population of about 3100, and a density of about 200 persons/km2.


Main role in the project

Provision of host site for EDISON pilot in public buildings. Man effort to define and to manage a public call for tender for LED lamps purchase.

Municipality of Manoppello - Italy

The municipality of Manoppello is a town in the Province of Chieti in the Abruzzo Region of the central part of Italy (Lat. 42° 15”, Long. 14° 4'). The land-town extension is about 40 km2 with a population of about 7000, and a density of about 170 persons/km2.


Main role in the project

Provision of host site for EDISON pilot in public buildings. Man effort to define and to manage a public call for tender for LED lamps purchase.

Municipality of Roccamontepiano - Italy

The municipality of Roccamontepiano is a town in the Province of Chieti in the Abruzzo Region of the central part of Italy (Lat 42°15′0″N, Long 14°8′0″E). The land-town extension is about 20 km2 with a population of about 2000, and a density of about 100 persons/km2.


Main role in the project

Provision of host site for EDISON pilot in public buildings. Man effort to define and to manage a public call for tender for LED lamps purchase.

Ancitel - Italy

Ancitel is a Joint stock Company established in 1987. Ancitel is a subsidiary of ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and supports local Governments in the management of technological and organisational innovation processes. To fulfil its mission, Ancitel has three operational objectives:
a) provide the Municipalities with assistance in the adoption of administrative procedures, essential for a correct implementation of regulatory standards;
b) ensure support in the application of new technologies, for the development of e-government policies;
c) create thematic network in order to be closer to municipalities concerns through promotion of information exchange and coordination of territorial operations;
d) propose to the Central Institutions initiatives and projects in support of local government innovation processes.
e) develop pilot initiatives at national and international level for the strengthening of local government capacities of planning and delivering innovative services to citizens and enterprises.


Main role in the project

Dissemination and communication activities of the EDISON solution and results. Ancitel will organize sessions and roundtables, concerning topics related to the main aspects of EDISON project, as well as four workshops in the Pilots countries. In addition, Ancitel will be responsible of all other dissemination activities (web-site, newsletters, press conferences, video materials, etc.). Finally, it will provide inputs about best practices realised in other European initiatives.

Enel Sole - Italy

Enel Sole S.r.l. a subsisdiary of Enel S.p.A. the Italy's largest power company, and Europe's second listed utility by installed capacity.
Enel Sole S.r.l. belongs to Networks and Infrastructures Division with focus in developing and managing Public and Private lighting systems. Enel Sole S.r.l. business is based upon four lines of activities:

  • Full-line service provider in public lighting (global sourcing)
  • Construction and renovation of urban lighting installations
  • Energy auditing, indoor lighting for private client
  • Realization of artistic lighting

Enel Sole S.r.l. is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) that promotes measures for energy efficiency in indoor/outdoor lighting, production of energy from renewable sources, ESCO advice for end-use energy efficiency improvement and upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings. Finally, artistic lighting represents a small percentage of the total but it is strategic lever for the company for image and institutional relevance.


Main role in the project

With their expertise in SSL luminaries and in the management of indoor/outdoor illumination plants, ENSO has the crucial role to define the LED lamps more appropriate to the single and specific environment in the public buildings, in order to give the necessary technical support to Pilot managers.
This activity requests a careful preliminary study, on the basis of location survey data, specific to the typology of building, knowing exactly what and how to measure some illumination parameters.
ENSO will identify and characterize the technical specs of the SSL lamps, the compliance of the proposed lighting infrastructure to the rules and regulations in force.
Additional roles are: to provide the description of the Best Practices, to help in defining the smart metering solution, to validate the metering system and to actively participate in the standardization of EDISON proposal. ENSO will also study and promote financial plans, based on Energy Service Companies solutions, to fund SSL's initial investment.

The Southern Health and Social Care Trust - United Kingdom

The Southern Health and Social Care Trust is located in Northern Ireland providing medical services and acute care to over three hundred thousand people. The property portfolio includes two acute hospital sites, Day Care facilities, Child and Family Clinics, dental treatment facilities, District nursing units and many other Community based provisions. On each of the acute hospital sites there are various types of accommodation including the full services of hospital wards, operating theatres, office provision, meeting rooms, restaurant and dining, etc.
The Trust has significant areas where the present lighting technologies in place use outdated lighting technology, 10-15 years old comprising linear fluorescent fittings with standard control gear. We propose to replace this lighting in a number of wards which have high occupancy levels. The LED luminaries would replace the existing fittings on a point-for-point basis, this would keep installation costs at their minimum and maximise benefit. Existing switching arrangements which permit individual luminaries to be switched separately would be supplemented with additional controls to add presence detection and daylight linking further adding to potential energy savings.
We would also propose to replace luminaries in the office areas with LED fittings on a point-for-point basis and again the additional controls detailed above would be added. The Hospital has a comprehensive Energy Management system in place but we would propose to install additional energy monitoring to permit greater evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures implemented.


Main role in the project

Provision of host site for EDISON pilot within acute hospital site. Man effort to define and to manage a competitive call for tender for lamps purchase. Co-ordination of deployment and on site supervision and management of trial. Measurement, recording and dissemination of key results.

Semple & McKillop Ltd - United Kingdom

Semple & McKillop Ltd are a leading engineering practice providing consultancy services to the built environment. With a broad sector experience, the practice has recognised expertise within the healthcare sector and in the implementation and evaluation of energy efficiency technologies and systems. The company has been working with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust over the last few years to assist with the development and maintenance of their Estate and have gained valuable insights into where potential opportunities exist for energy efficiencies.

Semple & McKillop employ over 20 professionally qualified engineers many of whom are chartered members of their professional institution.


Main role in the project

Design consultants and project supervisors for the deployment of EDISON compatible LED lighting and integrated controls solution within administration and ward areas of Craigavon Area Hospital. Man effort to define and to manage a competitive call for tender for lamps purchase. Technical assistance to data collecting and pilot running.

Traffic Observation & Management LTD - United Kingdom

Traffic Observation & Management (TOM) LTD is a recent start-up company from the Queen's University of Belfast that focuses on embedded wireless networks and network security systems, especially wireless intrusion detection/prevention systems (WIDS/WIPS), which protect both wireless networks and wired networks from attackers. It provides wireless security solutions for complete protection against wireless threats, policy compliance monitoring/enforcement, network performance monitoring, wireless security auto-configuration, and troubleshooting. TOM LTD has specific expertise in securing embedded communications systems. TOM LTD will design and integrate the wireless interfaces for the remote station (RS) boxes in EDISON, and will install a secure and managed wireless network that will permit wireless devices (e.g. meters, actuators etc) to interface with the SEP in EDISON.


Main role in the project

Network security Software and WLAN designer/provider. Training activities (wireless end systems) and dissemination of outcomes of the project.